The Second Progress report of the Net Zero Asset Owner Alliance. Advancing delivery on decarbonisation targets

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The second-ever progress report of the Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance shows consistent growth in membership, matched by the credibility of short-term decarbonisation targets.

On the day of the report release, the Alliance counts 74 members, accounting for US$ 10.6 trillion in assets under management. Two-thirds of that AUM – US$ 7.1 trillion – is now held by members who have set intermediate net-zero targets, aligned with the Target-Setting Protocol. The report offers insight into aggregate data on all four targets types: Engagement, Sub-portfolio, Sector and Financing Transition.

Beyond the targets, the report also highlights Alliance’s efforts in advocating for systemic policy changes that would enable a just transition, among them: a governmental carbon price, standardised data disclosures from companies and a cooperative environment for scaling blended finance. The Alliance also lists its five key asks from policymakers ahead of COP27.