Markham/Ramu Agriculture Growth Corridor: A Possible Path of Transformational Agriculture Development

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nputs used, but also conserve scarce natural resources. Smallholder farmers can achieve high levels of productivity and income through improved organization, intensified and sustainable production, and integration into agri-food chains. With appropriate support, smallholder farms can be a model for achieving sustainable growth, ensuring food security, and mitigating rural poverty.




The study comes at a critical time – a period of economic uncertainty marked by the COVID-19 outbreak, a challenging global policy environment for investment and trade, rising protectionism, shifting trade and investment preferences.


For the agriculture sector in PNG, COVID-19 amplifies the existing challenges, limiting required growth for job and income generation, food security and, consequently, political stability.




This study is analyzing whether an agricultural growth corridor strategy, which is increasingly cited as a developmental approach to promote economic transformation, could be used in PNG, specifically in the Markham and Ramu valleys.