Sustainable Investment Cases for Emerging Markets

Emerging markets increasingly offer sustainable investment opportunities. At the same time, emerging market economies often struggle to attract investment, especially through capital markets or private equity, whether because of a lack of investment products, a perception of heightened risk, or other factors. This event aims to present the practical experiences of investors and other stakeholders in emerging markets and offer lessons learnt and best practice for the sustainable investment community.

The event is organized in partnership with public and private investment institutions to showcase and highlight real‐life sustainable investment opportunities in developing and transitional economies. In five brief sessions, selected international institutional investors and asset managers will be invited to present investment products and ideas dedicated to emerging markets, while investment promotion agencies from developing countries will be invited to present the investment cases in their countries for international institutional investors. The event will showcase opportunities to do well by doing good through long‐term sustainable investment in developing countries, in particular in Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)‐related sectors and areas.

Introduction and moderator

  • Yongfu Ouyang, Chief, Institutional Investment Facilitation, UNCTAD
  • Joseph Clements, Economic Affairs Officer, Sustainable Investment, UNCTAD (moderator)


  • Rahul Agarwal, Head, Institutional Investment, Invest India
  • Angela Bai, Founding Secretary-General, China Association of Social Value Investment (CASVI)
  • Caroline Le Meaux, Head of ESG Research and Engagement, Amundi
  • Noelle Tan, Senior Client Professional, Deputy Member Impact Committee for PG LIFE, Partners Group
  • Glen Yelton, Head of ESG Client Strategies, North America, Invesco
Date and time:
22 October 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm CEST